Product Review – Epionce Intense Defense Anti-Aging + Repair Serum

This week, we are reviewing the Intense Defense Anti-Aging + Repair Serum from award-winning skincare brand Epionce. This brand was founded in 2002 and has over 25 years of research into developing highly effective dermatological product line, with plenty of award-winning products from their sunscreen and cleanser lines.

This anti-aging product is formulated from botanical extracts that target, correct and then prevent the signs of the aging process. Its hyaluronic acid plumps up the skin’s protective moisture barrier, acting as an extra reinforcement against blemishes and inflammation. The oil-based ingredients (palm, lindseed and cottonseed) heal and hydrate while at the same time preserving your skin’s elasticity. The last part is important, as your skin’s elasticity relies on the abundance of collagen and elastin found in its structure. Younger skin generally is more elastic, and as you age, these proteins found in your skin decrease in quantity, reducing your skin’s taut and supple look.

This Epionce anti-aging serum also helps reduce hyperpigmentation and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, so not only does it protect your skin from further damage, but also repairs the current imperfections. It also contains vitamins A, B, C, D and E – vitamins that are generally good for your complexion.

Those who have sensitive skin, oily skin and normal skin types would love this product. It is paraben-free and has non-irritating ingredients so this product also works perfectly for those who have acne-prone skin. Not only is this an anti-wrinkle cream but also as a serum to help fade dark spots.

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