Skincare Essentials As You Age

It’s never too early to think about what anti-aging skincare essentials should be on your list as you age. The fact of the matter is, as you go through decades of your life, your skincare needs start to change, and that’s totally fine. It’s never too late to actually start thinking about preserving your youthful skin and maintaining that glowing complexion. Here’s what you should be thinking about for each decade:

  • Your 20’s – You should be focused on preventing any premature signs of aging. This means that you should ALWAYS be protecting yourself from UV rays (sunscreens), always moisturizing so your skin doesn’t dry out, and using antioxidants to flush out all the free radicals that your skin encounters every day.
  • Your 30’s – If your skin does show some premature signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles, you should be correcting them. Exfoliating treatments (chemical peels and microdermabrasion) are good during this age as they are very effective in removing the old, dull layers of your skin and replacing them with the still younger layers underneath. Remember to use cleansers to wash your face with, not soap, as soap can dry out your delicate skin. Moisturizing and SPF are a must.
  • Your 40’s – One of the most important skincare items during your 40’s is the moisturizer you are using. At this point, some hormonal changes can potentially dry out your skin so moisturizing is as important as ever. Look for those that not only moisturize but also hydrate. Replenishing your skin’s defensive barriers is your focus. Getting serums with hyaluronic acid, or getting fillers can achieve the replenishment your skin craves as these make your skin more plump.
  • Your 50’s – Continue use of products that can reverse skin damage, and help ward off the effects of aging. These products include retinols and antioxidants, and they are to be used as often as your skin permits. Hydration serums are also good at this age, as well as using Botox and fillers to keep your skin’s supple appearance, and help prevent the creation of even more fine lines and wrinkles. If you develop unsightly veins, you can look into getting sclerotherapy treatments, and even PRP treatments on your face to preserve that younger look.
  • Beyond Your 50’s – As you grow older, your skin actually becomes more delicate and sensitive. Start to wean off those chemical-based exfoliation products, and strong antioxidants like retinol. The focus of your routine should be on the gentle side. You can still use antioxidant chemicals and other treatments like microneedling but they are only to be done periodically. Vitamin C is still important as always. At this age, you should be lowering your use of different products, and keep things as simple as possible – exfoliate twice or thrice a week, moisturize every day, and use sunscreen