Important Rosacea Facts

Over 14 million people suffer from a skin condition called Rosacea. The primary symptom of this disease is redness and tiny bumps on the skin. Some people who have rosacea also experience some swelling, thickening, and flushing of the skin with visible blood vessels. Tiny bumps that resemble an acne breakout may also be present. Here are the important facts you should know about this skin condition:
1. The exact cause of Rosacea is unknown – However, there are many things that can contribute to the disease, like your family history, immune system, skin mites like Demodex, and levels of Cathelicidin. Cathelicidin is a type of molecule part of your immune system that is responsible for eliminating bacteria present in your skin. High levels of these in your body can cause the inflammatory bumps that are symptomatic of rosacea.
2. There is no cure for Rosacea –At the present time, there is no cure for rosacea, however there are many treatments that can help reduce the impact of the symptoms of those who suffer from the disease. This includes both topical ointments that can be applied to the affected areas, and treatments that can be taken orally to help regulate your immune system. If you have rosacea, discuss these treatment options with your dermatologist when you have a discussion with them.
3. Who is at Risk for Rosacea? –The American Academy of Dermatology has released a study about individuals who might be more prone to getting rosacea. According to the AAD, women are more prone to the disease. Additional traits of those with a higher risk include having blone hair and blue eyes, being in the 30-50 year old age bracket, has had severe acne, and having someone in their family has had rosacea and/or severe acne in the past.
Yes, rosacea is incurable at the moment, but it can be managed and treated. You don’t have to suffer the symptoms, call your dermatologist for a consultation to learn more about your treatment options.