Protecting Your Skin With Epionce Products After Your Workout

It’s important that we get a good amount of exercise. It’s healthy for the body and mind. However, a workout can potentially derail your skin care goals. When you work out, your body’s temperature rises so you’re sweating and the friction and chafing from gym clothes can cause skin irritation or even make your problem skin conditions even worse. There’s also the risk of your skin’s barrier being worn out from moisture imbalance when you frequently shower after you work out, resulting in dry and dull-looking skin.
We encourage you to keep up a proper daily skin care regimen especially after your workout. Epionce products can help you protect your skin even with the toughest of exercise regimens. Here are some products we recommend:
Epionce Lytic Gel Cleanser – This cleanser has antimicrobial properties that help prevent skin breakouts. It also has exfoliating properties that keep your pores and hair follicles clear. Overall, the Lytic Gel leaves your face and body feeling calm and cool when you use it after your workout.
Epionce Lytic Sport Tx – For those with a more active lifestyle, the Lytic Sport Tx is perfect for clearing up your pores and treating your skin’s problem areas. It utilizes a low-lipid formula so it’s great for those who like to work up a sweat. The Lytic Sport Tx improves your skin’s overall texture and cell turnover, meaning that your body will be replacing your older and dead skin cells faster, making your complexion look a lot better in a shorter amount of time.
Epionce Extreme Renewal Facial Products – These products are non-comedogenic, meaning they won’t block your pores. They focus on repairing your skin’s protective moisture barrier and also helps with hydration. These Renewal products have key botanical components that calm inflammation and reduce your skin’s redness. When you work out, your skin loses a lot of moisture from sweating, and these products’ hyaluronic acid help retain the lost moisture so your skin won’t dry out.
If you have sensitive skin, or are prone to breakouts, try to scale back a bit on the intensity of your workouts as you can aggravate your pre-existing conditions like rosacea, eczema, acne and hyperpigmentation. Using these Epionce products can also help alleviate any worsening after your exercise routines. However, it’s important to talk to your dermatologist first before starting a workout regimen to see what effects exercise may have for your pre-existing skin conditions.