Product Review: Glytone Mild Gel Cleanser

The Mild Gel Cleanser from Glytone is one of the best cleansers out in the market right now. It is designed to remove makeup, dirt and grime from your face, and at the same time provide gentle exfoliation to prevent your pores from being clogged up. This product can make your skin smooth through regular exfoliation from the active glycolic acid ingredient it’s based on. Glycolic acid helps rid your skin of dead skin cells to create a smoother, more supple surface. It also has glycerin, a moisturizing ingredient used to help hydrate your skin. It also contains sodium layrul sulfate, which removes oil and sebum from the top-most layer of your skin. The Glytone Mld Gel Cleanser also contains potassium hydroxide to restore optimal pH balance to your skin.
The Glytone Mild Gel Cleanser should be used at most twice a day, so the best time to apply this product to your skin is during the morning and at night. First you should wet your face with some lukewarm water, then apply a small amount onto your skin using your fingertips. Gently massage the cleanser around your skin for a few minutes, and then rinse the lather with lukewarm water. Avoid using water that is too hot as it can damage your skin.
This product is oil-free so it will not leave your skin feeling moist. It also has some anti-aging properties, helping reduce the appearance of any fine lines or wrinkles on your face. This is the perfect cleanser for those with sun-damaged skin, or those with rough or dry complexion as it can rejuvenate your face.