Skin Care Serum Must-Haves

There is no serum that “does it all”. Serums are usually the solution to one concentrated problem, and they do a good job of being so. Serums are full of active ingredients that are very potent. When looking for a serum, you need to first think about what issue you want to resolve, then go from there. There are many serums out there, so you need to choose carefully and intelligently. Here are three serums that are very common:

  • Anti-Aging Serums – These do exactly what they are called. These serums target the sagging skin, the fine lines, and the wrinkles, all the while creating a firming and plumping effect. The active ingredient is Retinol, which is a derivative of Vitamin A, which focuses on promoting a higher rate of cell turnover, helping in renewing your skin cells and repairs.
  • Skin Brightening Serums – These serums work on smoothing out your complexion. Skin brightening serums fade the age spots and sun spots on your face, while evening your skin tone and getting rid of the hyper pigmentation. What causes hyperpigmentation? A lot of factors do – like aging, exposure to UV rays, pollution, and even from skin inflammation. These serums contain anti-oxidants like vitamin C and E among the other active ingredients for skin-brightening.
  • Exfoliating Serums – Over time, your facial skin accumulates layers and layers of dead cells. This serum works to peel off these layers to reveal younger and more supple complexion underneath. The accumulation of dead cell layers results in dryness, cracking skin and a dull complexion. Another function of exfoliating serums is that they unclog your skin’s pores. Clogged pores usually lead to pimple breakouts and inflammation. The key ingredients in exfoliation found in these types of serums are glycolic acids and lactic acids.