Skincare 101 for your baby or infant

Skincare 101 for your baby or infant

GENTLE – one word that should describe a safe skin care routine for your child. A lot of products made for babies and infants containt irritating ingredients.

Be on the lookout for some of the following common irritants found in baby and infant products:

Fragrances – These have no benefit and can sometimes prove to be problematic for your child’s skin. Not only can it cause surface skin irritation but also underneath. Just because you can’t see any redness doesn’t mean that damage isn’t happening.

Plant Extracts – Extracts like citrus, peppermint, menthol or lavender plant extracts can make your child’s sensitive skin red, inflamed or itchy.

Coloring Agents – added to make skincare products visually appealing (often colored pink, lavender or yellow) but can be too harsh for your child’s skin. There’s also a danger of your child attempting to ingest the colored product.

Your baby or infant’s skincare products should include:

– Fragrance-free baby wipes for diaper rashes
– Moisturizers without fragrance or irritants
– Tear-free, fragrance-free shampoos or body washes
– Broad-spectrum sunscreen rated SPF 25 or greater

Ask your child’s pediatrician or dermatologist for advice on choosing skin care products and voice to them if you have any safety concerns.