Subtle Things You Can Do to Slow Down Aging

There are many ways you can do to slow down the aging process of your skin, some more obvious than others. Sometimes, there are little things we tend to do that we do not realize are contributing to a faster aging process. Here are five things you should stop doing to help preserve the youthfulness of your skin:
1. Touching Your Skin Too Roughly – We can be very harsh in the way we touch our skin. A lot of people rub hard, pick, pull and stretch their skin. Scratching an itch, examining a mark or removing a smudge should be done gently, never too rough.
2. Squinting Too Often – Whether it’s looking at your phone or computer screen or avoiding the sun while driving, you should try to avoid squinting so much. When you squint, your eye muscles contracting movements will eventually cause permanent wrinkles. Remember to wear sunglasses when you are outside in the sun to be able to see clearly, and adjust your computer screen’s brightness to properly be able to see what you are supposed to be seeing, or avoid any glare on the screen when you are using phone.
3. Underestimating Your Caloric Intake – Simply put: eat less. Foods that are high in sugars and fats can contribute to acne breakouts and skin inflammation. We tend to underestimate how many calories we actually take in daily, failing to take into account the sugars found in juices, soda and just exactly how much fat is found in desserts and even some meat dishes. Control your diet properly and you will look much younger for a lot longer.
4. Not Controling Your Weight – As mentioned above, weight gain can be the result of underestimating your caloric intake. When you gain excessive weight, a lot of fat forms around your face, causing your skin to stretch. The excessive fat pulls down your cheeks and jowls, causing your face to look much older. It’s important to incorporate a proper diet and a good exercise regimen to your life, your skin will thank you.
5. Not Wearing Proper Makeup – Too much makeup can damage your skin. How? makeup can clog your pores and cause your skin to dry up, leading to dull complexions and potential acne outbreaks. When you wear foundation that’s way too thick or wearing makeup that’s shiny, you can end up looking older if it cracks or if it gets into existing wrinkles or fine lines on your face, negating the effect of youthfulness you’re going for.