Three Skin Care Habits You Should Cut

Our skin is constantly changing; sometimes for better, and sometimes for worse. What worked last year might not end up working this year, and then we have to find new routines, habits and products that can give us the results we want. What we want is to cut out all the negative habits and find more positive ones. Here are three negative skin care habits you should cut:

  • Ignoring Your Body – Skin care doesn’t just mean your face. Everything below your chin should also be included. You should also have a body care routine to compliment your facial routine.  This includes exfoliating regularly, hydrating, using gentle soaps that don’t dry or irritate your skin, and moisturizing regularly. Remember that your skin’s overall health, not just your facial skin, is a full reflection of your health.
  • Using too much product – For a lot of people, they tend to up the amount of product they use on the onset of an acne breakout, or after a patch of dry skin appears, or a rash. Overreacting like this and acting too quickly can often backfire. Instead of opting for quick fixes, think about the purpose of your skincare routine – longevity. Stay the course and keep applying the same amount of products as you have. When you see mild wrinkles start to form, don’t use more retinol, as it can end up damaging your skin even more. Don’t use peeling agents when you’re breaking out in pimples. These will all end up damaging your skin even more.
  • Excluding Your Skin’s Biome – Your skin’s biome, the good bacteria that lives on and protects your skin, needs to be protected. They act as a natural barrier between you and harmful substances that can otherwise produce inflammatory reactions on your skin. Strengthen your skin’s biome by taking care of it. This means using products that contain hydrating agents, antioxidants, and probiotics that encourage the growth of good bacteria.