Why You Should Buy Your Skincare Products From Your Dermatologist

To get optimal results, you need optimal products. The one surefire way to get these optimal products is to purchase them from the skin experts themselves – your dermatologist. Mass-produced skincare products may be cheaper and are easier to get, but a lot of them don’t come with the professional recommendations that are found in products sold by your skincare doctor’s office. Here’s why you should consider buying your skincare items from your dermatologist:

  • Made for Dermatologists and Patients – This means that the ingredients found in these products are thoroughly backed by solid science and have been proven through rounds of testing to be effective. Not only that, they are guaranteed to be safe and stable for personal use.
  • Tailored for Different Skin Types – Your dermatologist can help determine your skin type and will most likely have the right product that’s specifically formulated for it. Part of your dermatologist’s job is to know EVERYTHING there is to know about your skin so they can create a treatment plan JUST FOR YOU. With this knowledge, they will be able to recommend a product that will do what is needed to treat YOUR condition just for your skin type.
  • Fewer Products that Cause Irritation – The products that are available for purchase at your dermatologist’s office will most likely have a higher concentration of the active ingredients, and fewer ones that can cause negative reactions with your skin. Serums like retinols for example are more potent than generic retinoids, but at the same time have supplementary ingredients that can soothe your skin. On top of that, the products available at your dermatologist’s office tend to have longer-lasting effects.

However, you don’t have to buy all your products from your dermatologist. A lot of them that are found in pharmacies would work just fine. For example. skincare products like cleansers, which are on your skin for a short amount of time only, can be sourced from a beauty store. The rule is – if there’s an active ingredient that you want to stay on your skin for a long period of time, your safe bet is to buy that product from your dermatologist.